Delete Analytics Report

From the Analytics Reports page, you can delete analytics reports. To delete: Select an analytics reports (row) to delete Click […]

Delete Form

From the Form Builder page, you can delete forms. To delete: Select one or more forms (row) to delete Click […]

Delete Connection

Deleting a connection is currently not supported. NOTE: Contact ReadyWorks Support to delete a connection.

Delete Action Button

From the Action Buttons page, you can delete action buttons. To delete: Select an action button (row) to delete Click […]

Delete Mapping

From the Data Mapping page, you can delete mappings. To delete: Select a mapping (row) to delete Click the Delete […]

Delete Asset Rule

From the Asset Rules page, you can delete asset rules. To delete: Select an asset rule (row) to delete Click […]

Delete Wave Type

From the Wave Types tab, you can delete wave types. To delete: Select a wave type (row) to delete Click […]

Delete Dashboard

From the Dashboards tab, you can delete dashboards. To delete: Select a dashboard (row) to delete Click the Delete Dashboard button […]

Delete Report

From the Reports page, you can delete reports.  To delete: Select a report (row) to delete Click the Delete Report button on the […]

Delete Task Priority

From the Task Priority tab, you can delete task priorities. To delete: Select a task priority (row) to delete Click […]