Drop Down Basics

ReadyWorks drop downs provide common navigation elements. The following table outlines each drop down icon: Icon Element Description Rows Displayed […]


The global Search box is available to search the Name field of entries stored in ReadyWorks (e.g. assets, list items, […]

Display Area

The Display Area provides the interface to interact with each ReadyWorks module and is specific to each module.  The Display […]

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu provides a way for you to traverse the different ReadyWorks modules.  The Navigation Menu is located on […]


The Settings Menu provides a way for you to configure general settings and view information about your ReadyWorks version and […]

User Menu

The User Menu provides a way for you to access the ReadyWorks user guide, view online users, view your pending […]


Each page contains breadcrumbs on the top right to reveal your location in the ReadyWorks UI hierarchy. Click Dashboard to […]