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The global Search box is available to search the Name field of entries stored in ReadyWorks (e.g. assets, list items, waves, tasks, etc.).  The Search box is located on the top left of the User Interface above the Navigation Menu.

From the User Interface, you can search the Name field of entries stored in ReadyWorks.  To search:

  1. Enter text to search for in the global Search box and press Enter

    1. Text fields that have Global Search enabled are prefixed with the Asset name (e.g., Computer)
  2. Select an item to view by clicking the results.  The selected item will be highlighted with a blue bar on the left side.  You will be redirected to view the properties of the selected item.
  3. Click clear results to clear your search results

NOTE:  Only the Name field and Text fields with Global Search enabled are searched using this method.  Use the data table search box to search other data fields.