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DB Backup

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The DB Backup tab on the Options page provides the ability to view and configure database backup settings.

Available operations:

  • View and update the database backup settings
    • Fields available
      • Database Backup Location – Specify the database backup location to a folder on the file system (e.g. C:\Backup\).  The location should end with a backslash.  The default folder is \console\_cron\mysqlbk\.
      • Retention Policy – Specify the number of days of nightly backup files to retain.  Any file older than the specified value will be remove during the nightly backup operation.  The default value is 21 days.

Update Database Backup Settings

From the DB Backup tab, you can update the database backup settings. To update:

  1. Enter a value for each database backup setting
  2. Click the update button to save your database backup settings