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Edit Analytics Report

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From the Analytics Reports page, you can edit the properties of analytics reports.  To edit:

  1. Select an analytics report (row) to edit
  2. Click the Edit Report button on the toolbar to bring up the Edit Report dialog

    1. The edit button is grayed out unless an analytics report (row) is selected

    2. The edit function is only available to users in the Administrator security group
  3. Edit the properties of the analytics report

    1. Name – Name of the analytics report (required)
    2. Description – Description of the analytics report (optional)
    3. Report Type – Type of the analytics report (required)
      1. Anomalous Data
      2. Duplicate Data
      3. Missing Data
    4. Data Source – Data source for the analytics report (required)
      1. Asset Types
      2. Lists
      3. ETL Jobs (only active ETL jobs are listed in the drop down)
    5. Conditional Filters – Apply conditional filters to limit data in the analytics report (required)
      1. Click the Add Conditional Filter button to add one or more conditional filters

        1. Data Column – Select the data column of the selected data source (e.g. Migration Status)
        2. Value – Select one or more values to apply the conditional filter to the data column (e.g. Migrated, Not Migrated)
        3. Delete – Delete a conditional filter
        4. Add Conditional Filter – Add new rows for additional conditional filters
  4. Click the Update button when finished to update the analytics report. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.