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Attachment Properties

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From the Attachment Properties tab, you can view and update the properties of the attachment.


Available operations:

  • View and update the properties of the attachment (not a separate view and edit page)
    • Fields available (view/edit)
      • Name – Name of the attachment (required)
      • Description – Description of the attachment (optional)
      • Depending on the type of attachment (required):
        • External URL – Change the link to a file
        • Upload File – Upload a new file
          NOTE:  File types that can be uploaded are managed by ReadyWorks Support. Contact ReadyWorks Support to add additional file types.
  • Click the Update button to save any changes to the properties
  • Download the uploaded file or open the external URL
    • External URL – Click the Open URL button to open the link in a new browser tab
    • Uploaded File – Click the Download button to download the file