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Build Sheet

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The Build Sheet report shows a Deployment Build Sheet by Computer.

Asset Types Required Fields
Computer Name, Computer Model, Computer Model.Supported, Operating System, Memory GB, Serial, Location
User Name, AD Login ID, Home Folder Path, Remote / Cube / Office #, Title, Department, Telephone, Email
Application Name, App Status, App Category, Win10 App Group
Hosted App Name
Win10 App Group Name, Description

Available operations:

  • To run the report, enter a computer name in the Computer Name box and click the Get Build Sheet button
  • View a deployment build sheet for an entered computer
    •  Columns available
      •  Computer – Information about the entered computer
        • Computer Name – Name of the computer
        • Computer Type – Type of the computer (e.g. Desktop, Laptop)
        • Computer Model – Model of the computer
        • Migration Type – Type of the migration (Swap, In-Place)
        • Operating System – Operating system of the computer
        • Memory – Memory on the computer in gigabytes
        • Serial – Serial number of the computer
        • Location – Location of the computer
      • User – Information about the user linked to the entered computer
        • User Name – Name of the user
        • AD Login ID – AD login ID of the user
        • Home Folder Path – Home folder path of the user
        • Remote / Cube / Office # – Office location of the user
        • Title – Title of the user
        • Department – Department of the user
        • Telephone – Telephone of the user
        • Email Address – Email address of the user
      • Migration Schedule – Information about migration scheduling
        • Scheduling Status – Scheduling status of the user (Scheduled, Not Scheduled)
        • Migration Date – Scheduled migration date of the user, if scheduled
        • Migration Task – Link to the migration task, if scheduled
      • Desktop Applications – List of the applications linked to the computer
        • Application Asset Specific Columns – Columns specific to the application asset type
      • User Hosted Apps – List of the hosted apps linked to the user
        • Hosted App Asset Specific Columns – Columns specific to the hosted app asset type
      • User Win10 App Groups – List of the Win10 app groups linked to the user
        • Win10 App Group Asset Specific Columns – Columns specific to the Win10 app group asset type
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, view full screen, export to CSV or Excel, refresh the table and search for text