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The Dashboards tab provides the ability to manage dashboards.

Available operations:

  • Create new dashboards by clicking on the New Dashboard button
  • View a list of dashboards in ReadyWorks
    • Columns available
      • Id (hidden by default) – ReadyWorks system Id of the dashboard
      • Name – Name of the dashboard
      • Description – Description of the dashboard
      • Widgets – Number of widgets selected for the dashboard
      • Charts – Number of charts selected for the dashboard
      • Users – Number of ReadyWorks users assigned the dashboard
      • Status – Whether the dashboard is enabled and available for ReadyWorks users
      • Date Created – Date the dashboard was created
  • Edit dashboards by selecting a dashboard (row) and clicking the Edit Dashboard button on the toolbar
  • Delete dashboards by selecting a dashboard (row) and clicking the Delete Dashboard button on the toolbar
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, set column visibility, refresh the table and search for text