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New Wave

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From the Waves tab, you can create waves. To create:

  1. Click the New Wave button to bring up the New Wave dialog
  2. Enter the properties of the new wave

    1. Name – Name of the wave (required)
    2. Wave Type – Assign a wave type to the wave (optional)
    3. Description – Description of the wave (optional)
    4. Start – End Date & Time – Select the start and end goals of the wave (required)
    5. Wave Group – Assign the wave to a wave group (grouping of waves) (optional)
    6. T-Comm Templates – Select T-Comm Templates from the drop down to link to the wave (optional)
    7. Asset Type Filter – Select an asset type to filter the Link Assets drop down (optional)
      1. Once an asset type is selected the Link Assets button will become available (ungrayed).
    8. Link Assets – Select assets from the drop down to link to the wave (optional)
  3. Click the Create button when finished to create the wave. You will be redirected back to the Waves tab. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.
    1. The new wave function is only available to users in the Administrator and Regular User security groups