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The ReadyWorks Workflow module provides the ability to manage your project through migration waves, tasks and actions (or runbooks).  The following sections detail the functionality of the Workflow module.

Key Concepts

Waves A group of assets with an associated timeline (start/end date/time)
Wave Types A way to signify the type of a wave, primarily used for reporting
Wave Groups A group of waves used for rollup reporting
Tasks A step in the workflow typically used to track the migration of an asset
Task Types A way to signify the type of a task, primarily used for reporting
Actions A defined runbook for a task
Action Templates A template of actions that can be loaded into a task
T-Comm Templates A template email that can be linked to waves and/or tasks to provide an automated communications program
Task Chain Templates A template of tasks that can be loaded into a wave when each user self schedules

Workflow Diagram