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Available Cron Jobs

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ReadyWorks includes many cron jobs out-of-the-box. The Cron Jobs tab on the Options page provides tthe ability to configure cron jobs. The following table outlines just some of the cron jobs that are available in ReadyWorks.

Name Description Schedule Order
Send T-Comm Emails Send T-Comm Emails to target Assets Hourly 1
Send Task Reminders Send Task Reminders to ReadyWorks users Hourly 2
DB Backup Backup MySQL on C drive Daily 1
Delete Output Data Delete created report files Daily 2
Workflow Overdue Check Update Workflow Wave and Task statuses based on end goal dates Daily 3
Rationalize Assets Rationalize assets based on Target Asset Daily 4
ETL – Create Static Tables Create Static ETL tables Daily 5
ETL – Sync SCCM Computers Synch SCCM Computers to ReadyWorks Daily 6
ETL – Sync AD Users Synch AD Users to ReadyWorks Daily 7
ETL – Sync AD Groups Synch AD Groups to ReadyWorks Daily 8
ETL – Sync SCCM Packages Synch SCCM Packages to ReadyWorks Daily 9
ETL – Sync SCCM Add/Remove Programs Synch SCCM Add/Remove Programs to ReadyWorks Daily 10
ETL – Link User to Computer Link Users to Computers (SCCM Primary User) Daily 11
ETL – Link Application to Computer Link Applications to Computers (Add/Remove Programs) Daily 12
ETL – Link AD Group to User Link AD Groups to Users Daily 13
Copy User to Computer Attributes Copy User to Computer Attributes Daily 14
Set Application Win10 Installed Property Dynamically update Application AT Win10 Installed property Daily 20
Recalculate Asset Link Counts Recalculate the Asset Links column for all Asset Types Daily 25
Lookup Tables Update Update Lookup Tables Daily 30
Provision Self Service Users Provision new Users for Self Service Daily 35