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Application Certification Status

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The Application Certification Status report shows the certification status of Applications by Application Owner.

Asset Types Required Fields
Application App Owner, App ID, Name, Classification, Delegates Name, App Category, Deployment Type, Steer Co Member, Prerequisites

Available operations:

  • View a list of applications and hosted apps and their certification status by owner
    •  Columns available
      • Application Owner – Name of the application owner
        • Filter by application owner or Undefined (no app owner)
      • Application Id – Id of the application
      • Application Name – Name of the application
      • Classification – Classification of the application (e.g. Desktop Software, Hosted Application)
        • Filter by classification names
      • MDP Application Status – Status of the application
        • Filter by Ready, Not Ready, Out of Scope or Undefined (no app status)
      • Delegates Name – Name of the delegate
      • Category – Category of the application
      • Deployment Type – Deployment type of the application (e.g Web Application, Windows Service)
        • Filter by deployment type names or Undefined (no deployment type)
      • Steer Co Memeber – Name of the steering committee member
      • Prerequisites – Prequisites of the application
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, view full screen, export to CSV or Excel, refresh the table and search for text