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Toolbar Icons

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Icons are placed on the toolbar to assist with common ReadyWorks actions. Most icons become active when an item (row) is selected in the associated table on the page or the appropriate conditions are met. The following table outlines each toolbar icon:

Icon Description
Download (asset types, attachments, forms, reports)
Delete, Remove (portal access)
Unlink, Unassign (buttons, users)
Assign to Task (waves), Assign to Wave (assets, lists)
Edit (assets, lists)
Bulk Edit (assets, lists, tasks, waves)
View (published reports)
Assign (tasks)
Start (tasks)
Start All (tasks)
Complete (actions, tasks)
Cancel (tasks)
Fail (tasks)
Pause (tasks)
Undo (actions)
Copy (asset types, action templates, forms, security groups, task chain templates, T-Comm templates)
T-Comm On Demand
Preview (charts)
Clear Cache (charts)
Run Cron Job (cron jobs)