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Connection Settings

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ReadyWorks connects to the ETL (Extract Transfer Load) to pull data into the ReadyWorks database from your data sources such as Active Directory, SCCM, Altiris and ServiceNow.  The Connection Settings tab on the ETL page provides the ability to view, configure and test connectivity between ReadyWorks and the ETL.

Available operations:

  • View and update the ETL connection settings
    • Fields available
      • SQL Server Name – Hostname of the ETL database server
      • Port Number – Port used to connect to the ETL database
      • Username – User account used to connect to the ETL database
      • Password – Password of the user account used to connect to the ETL database
      • DB Name – Name of the ETL database
  • Test the connection to the ETL database

Update Connection Settings

From the Connection Settings tab, you can update the ETL connection settings. To update:

  1. Enter a value for each connection setting
  2. Click the Update button to save your ETL connection settings