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Various modules and features are available in ReadyWorks. The Modules tab on the Options page provides the ability to enable and disable ReadyWorks modules and features.

ReadyWorks Modules

Module Description
Analytics Analyzes data for completeness, uniqueness, and correctness
Asset Images Upload images to assets
Asset Rationalization Consolidates multiples assets into one
Asset Rules Provides a mechanism to trigger actions based on Asset conditions
Attachments Provides a centralized repository for managing uploaded and external documents
Bulk Edit Provides a mechanism to edit assets in bulk
Data Generator Provides a mechanism to bulk generate and insert dummy Asset data
Data Mapping Automates the synchronization of data between the ETL and ReadyWorks
Email Controls the sending of emails. When disabled, ReadyWorks will not send any emails.
ETL Manages the options and settings between ReadyWorks and the ETL DB
Form Builder Build custom forms to attach to reports
Multi-Factor Authentication Enables a multi-step account login process that requires users to enter more information than just password
Relationship Chart Provides a visible representation of an Asset and its dependencies
Reports Enables ReadyWorks reporting and the Report Builder
Self Service Provides a portal to validate user data and schedule migrations
Single Sign-On (SSO) Enables login to ReadyWorks using your enterprise authentication provider
T-Comm Automates delivery of a unified communication program