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New Form

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From the Form Builder page, you can create new forms.  To create:

  1. Click the New Form button to bring up the New Form wizard
  2. Enter the properties of the new form on the Form Properties tab

    1. Name – Enter name of the form (required)
    2. Title – Enter title of the form (optional)
    3. Header – Enter header of the form displayed below the title (optional)
    4. Description – Enter description of the form (optional)
    5. Data Source – Select the data source of the report (e.g., Computer asset type) (required)
    6. Form Type – Choose the type of the form (Create New Record, Update Selected Record) (required)
    7. Enabled – Choose if the form is enabled (required)
  3. Add fields for the new form on the Form Fields tab

    1. Order – Change the order of the fields
    2. Data Column – Select the data column of each field. Previously selected data columns are displayed in italics. The data column of the Name field cannot be changed.
    3. Required – Select if the field is required when creating or editing. A required field is denoted with an orange asterisk when creating or editing. The Name field is required and cannot be changed. The default setting is No.
    4. Read Only – Select if the field can be edited. A read only field is denoted with a lock and grayed out when creating or editing. Required fields cannot be read only.  The default Setting is No.
    5. Limit Values – Select the values (Lookup data columns only) to limit the available selections in the drop down menu (e.g., only display Desktop and Laptop in the Computer Model drop down)
    6. Label – Enter the label of each field
    7. Tooltip – Enter the tooltip of each field
    8. Descriptive Text – Enter the descriptive text of each field
    9. Width – Select the width of each field (full, half)
    10. Action – Delete a row before it is saved to the form
    11. Add Field – Add new rows for additional fields
  4. Define the look and feel of the new form on the Design tab

    1. Form Width – Choose the width of the form (small, large)
    2. Form Color – Select the color of the form (blue, green, light blue, red, yellow)
    3. Button Icon – Select a button icon for the form from the icon library. The full list of icons can be found on the Icon Library tab.
    4. Button Color – Select the color of the button icon for the form (blue, green, light blue, red, yellow)
    5. Button Text – Enter the name of the button icon
  5. Click the Preview button to preview the form before saving. Click the Close button to exit the form preview.
  6. Click the Create button when finished to create the form. You will be redirected back to the Form Builder page. Click the Cancel button to cancel the operation.