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Asset Rule Properties

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The Asset Rule Properties tab provides the ability to view and update the properties of asset rules.

Available operations:

  • View and update the properties of the asset rule
    • Fields available (editable unless otherwise noted)
      • Name – Name of the asset rule
      • Description – Description of the asset rule
      • Enabled – Whether the asset rule is enabled
      • Allow Cascading – Whether cascading is enabled
      • Execution Status – Status of the last execution (Success, Error, None) (read only)
      • Persistent – Choose if asset rule conditions match to new or current values (required)
        NOTE: With Persistent disabled, conditions will only match on updates to new values (e.g., OS updated to Windows 11). With Persistent enabled, conditions will match on current values or updates to new values (OS equals Windows 11 and another data column is updated or OS updated to Windows 11).
    • The view and update functions are only available to users in the Administrator security group
  • Click the Update button to save any changes to the properties
  • Click the Close button to exit the wizard