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Edit Recipient

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From the Report Recipients tab, you can edit the properties of report recipients. To edit:

  1. Select a report recipient (row) to edit
  2. Click the Edit Recipient button on the toolbar to bring up the Edit Recipient dialog

    1. The edit button is grayed out unless a report recipient (row) is selected

    2. The edit function is only available to users in the Administrator security group
  3. Edit the properties of the report recipient

    1. Email Address – Email address of the report recipient (required)
    2. Status – Choose if the report recipient is enabled (required)
    3. Processing Method – Select the processing method of the report recipient (required)
      1. Individual – Send separate emails for each report the recipient is subscribed to
      2. Batch – Send one email for all reports the recipient is subscribed to
    4. Override Email Subject and Body – Choose whether the email subject and body are overwritten (optional)
      NOTE:  Emails to recipients assigned only one report use the Report Name as Email Subject and Report Description as Email Body unless overridden.  The Email Subject will default to Daily report for today is attached. when the Report Description is blank.
    5. Email Subject – Subject of the email to the report recipient (optional)
      NOTE:  Email Subject is required when processing emails in Batch.
    6. Email Body – Body of the email to the report recipient (optional)
    7. CSV File – Filename of the CSV attachment (report_data_1_2024-04-16) (required)
      1. Name Prefix – Prefix of the filename (report_data)
      2. Number – Number of the report (1, 2, 3, etc.)
      3. Date – Suffix of the file name (2024-04-16)
        1. YYYY-MM-DD
        2. MM-DD-YYYY
        3. DD-MM-YYYY
        4. None
  4. Click the Update button when finished to update the report recipient. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.