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New Security Group

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From the Security Groups tab, you can create security groups.  To create:

  1. Click the New Security Group button to bring up the Security Group wizard
  2. Enter the properties of the new security group

    1. Name – Name of the security group (required)
    2. Description – Description of the security group (optional)
    3. Users – Assign the security group to a ReadyWorks user (optional).
    4. Enabled – Choose whether the security group is enabled (optional)
  3. Configure module permissions
    Roles & Permissions Workflow Assets Asset Management
    Waves Asset Tools Asset Check-In
    SCCM Wave Types Assets Asset Check-Out
    Attachments Wave Groups Install Part in Server
    Reports Tasks Install Server in Rack
    Self Service Task Types Asset Uninstall/Deco
    Configuration & Logs Task Priority Ready for Disposal
    Profile Schedule Disposal
    Workflow Tools
  4. Click the Create button when finished to create the security group. You will be redirected back to the Security Groups tab. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.