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O365 Migration Readiness

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The O365 Migration Readiness report shows Users and their overall Office 365 Migration Readiness status.

Asset Types Required Fields
User Name, Location, Department, Mailbox Size, UPN, Email, Proxy, O365 License Type
O365 License Type Name, Description, Purchased Licenses
Location Name
Department Name

Available operations:

  • View a list of users and their overall migration readiness status
    •  Columns available
      • Name – Name of the user
      • Location – Name of the location
        • Filter by location names or Undefined (no location)
      • Department – Name of the department
        • Filter by department names or Undefined (no department)
      • UPN SMTP Check – Comparison of the UPN and Email  (Pass, Fail)
        • Filter on Pass or Fail
      • MB Size Check – Check of the mailbox size to the O365 limit of 100GB  (Pass, Fail)
        • Filter on Pass or Fail
      • O365 License – Whether a license is assigned or not  (Assigned, None)
        • Filter on Assigned or None
      • User Affinity – Check of the overall readiness of all users linked to the user  (Ready, Not Ready)
        • Filter on Ready or Not Ready
      • Links – Number of assets linked to the user
      • Workflow Wave – Name of the wave the user is assigned to
        • Filter by wave names or Undefined
      • Overall Status – Rollup of the UPN SMTP check, MB Size Check, O365 License and User Affinity (Ready, Not Ready)
        • Filter by Ready or Not Ready
      • Id (hidden by default) – System Id of the computer asset
  • Add users to a Workflow Wave by selecting one or more users (rows) and clicking the Assign to Wave button on the toolbar. In the Link Users to Wave dialog, select the waves that you want to link to from the Waves drop down and then click the Link button. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, view full screen, export to CSV or Excel, refresh the table and search for text