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Bulk Edit (Legacy)

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NOTE:  The legacy bulk editor was deprecated in version 7.6.0110.

From the Lists page, you can edit the properties of list items in bulk.  To edit:

  1. Click the Bulk Edit button on the toolbar to bring up the bulk editor dialog

    1. The bulk edit function is only available to users in the Administrator and Regular User security groups
  2. Edit the properties of the list items

    1. Name – Name of the list item (required)
    2. List Specific Columns – Columns specific to the asset type
      NOTE: Lookups with a large number of items will be converted from a normal drop down menu to a dialog. Date and time fields always load in 24hr format. Date and time fields can be copied and pasted in 12hr (AM/PM) format.
    3. Fill down lookup, checkbox and select data columns using the menu drop down above the columns
      1. Select a value or multiple values (multilookup) from the menu drop down
      2. Click the button to apply changes to the data column
      3. Click the button to clear all selections (values) in the data column
        NOTE:  Checkbox values cannot be cleared.
      4. Click the button to show the selected value(s) in the menu drop down
  3. Click the Save button when finished to update the list items. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.