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Create Workflow Wave

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The Create Workflow Wave stored procedure provides the ability to create workflow waves from a SQL query.

Name create_workflow_wave
Description Create a new workflow wave
Call create_workflow_wave (wave_name, wave_description, wave_start_goal, wave_end_goal, wave_status, wave_group_name, tcomm_templates, assets_names)

The following parameters need to be passed to the stored procedure:

Variable Name Required Description Example Details
wave_name YES The Wave Name as displayed in ReadyWorks
wave_description NO The Wave Description as displayed in ReadyWorks
wave_start_goal YES Wave Start Goal Date 2019-02-21 09:00:00 Accepted Format:


wave_end_goal YES Wave End Goal Date 2019-02-21 17:00:00 Accepted Format:


wave_status YES The Status of the Wave being created Not Started Accepted Values:

Not Started, In Progress, Delayed, Complete

wave_group_name NO The name of the Wave Group Pilot Waves Dynamic name based on instance defined values
tcomm_templates NO Name of T-Comm Templates to link to the Wave Template 1


Template 1|Template 2

To link multiple T-Comm templates to the Wave, separate each template name with a pipe (|) character
assets_names NO Name of Asset Types/Assets to link to the Wave Computer:NYCPC1



User:John Smith

Each Asset must be defined as the Asset Type Name first, separated by a colon (:) character

To link multiple assets to the wave, separate each asset with a (|) character