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NOTE:  The ETL Log tab was deprecated in version 7.6.0118.

During the initial ReadyWorks implementation, processes are configured to synchronize data from third party applications (Active Directory, SCCM, Altiris, ServiceNow etc.) into the ETL.  The ETL Log tab provides the ability to view ReadyWorks synchronization activity between third party applications and the ETL.

Available operations:

  • View the ReadyWorks synchronization log
    • Columns visible
      • ETL Table – Date the synch operations occurred
        • Filter by ETL table
      • Status – Status of the sync operation (e.g. Success, Fail)
        • Filter by status
      • Runtime (sec) – Duration of the sync operation in seconds
      • Start Time – Date the synch operation started
      • End Time – Date the synch operation ended
      • Response – Response from the source during the sync operation
      • Source Fields – Fields synched from the source during the synch operation
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, view full screen, set column visibility, export to CSV or Excel, refresh the table and search for text

NOTE: The ETL Log tab is not displayed when the ETL module is disabled.