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New Cron Job

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From the Cron Jobs tab, you can create cron jobs. To create:

  1. Click the New Cron Job button to bring up the New Cron Job dialog
  2. Enter the properties of the new cron job

    1. Cron Job Type – Select the type of the cron job (required)
    2. Name – Name of the cron job (required)
      1. Different options are available depending on the type of cron job:
        1. Classic – Enter the name of the cron job
        2. Mapping – Select the name of the data mapping
    3. Description – Description of the cron job (optional)
    4. Enabled – Choose if the cron job is enabled (required)
    5. Schedule – Choose the frequency the cron job will run (required)
      1. Weekly
      2. Daily
      3. Hourly
    6. Order – Choose the order the cron job will run at the designated frequency (required)
    7. Script Name – Name of the cron job script (required for Classic cron jobs)
  3. Click the Create button when finished to create the cron job. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.