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The Self Service portal provides a way for project users a way to consume ReadyWorks data in conjunction with your project. The portal can provide users insight into their information, computers linked to their profile, applications installed on their computers, and allow users to schedule, reschedule and cancel their migration dates. This section details how to configure the various portal features.

Portal Features

Branding Upload an image to be displayed in the portal
Welcome Configure the Welcome tab in the portal
User Information Configure the User Information tab in the portal
Computers Configure the Computers tab in the portal
Applications Configure the Applications tab in the portal
Scheduling Configure the Scheduling tab in the portal
Reschedule Button Configure the behavior of the Reschedule button on the Scheduling tab in the portal
Cancel Migration Button Configure the behavior of the Cancel Migration button on the Scheduling tab in the portal
Email Project Team Configure the behavior of the Email Project Team section displayed on all tabs in the portal
Welcome Email Configure the behavior of Welcome Emails when users are provisioned in the portal
Action Buttons Configure the behavior of Action Buttons in the portal (to execute code)
Add Tabs Configure Additional tabs to display reports in the portal