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Asset Trigger

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From the New T-Comm Template, View T-Comm Template and Copy T-Comm Template tabs, you can add an Asset Trigger to limit T-Comm sending to only those assets with specific properties. For example, you can limit the sending of a T-Comm template to only Computer assets with the Migration Status equal to Migrated. To add an asset trigger to a T-Comm template:

  1. Select the Advanced method from the Send Method radio button
  2. Click the Add Asset Trigger button to add one or more asset triggers

    1. Asset Type – Select the asset type of each asset trigger (e.g. Computer)
    2. Data Column – Select the data column of the selected asset type (e.g. Migration Status)
    3. Operator – Select the operator (Equal or Not Equal) of each asset trigger
    4. Value – Select one or more values to apply the operator to the data column (e.g. Migrated, Not Migrated)
    5. Delete – Delete an asset trigger
    6. Add Asset Trigger – Add new rows for additional asset triggers
  3. Click the Create button when finished to create the T-Comm template or click the Update button to save your changes. Click the Cancel button to cancel the operation.