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Delegate Relationships

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The Delegate Relationships report shows Delegate Relationships by selected Group.

Asset Types Required Fields
Mailbox Type, Mailbox Size, Item Count, User Name, Mailbox Location
User First Name, Last Name, Email, In Scope

Available operations:

  • To run the report, choose an asset group (e.g. Workflow Wave) from the Asset Group drop down, select a group name (e.g. Wave Name) from the Group Value drop down and click the Run Report button
  • View a list of mailboxes and users and their delegate by tier in a selected group (e.g. Workflow Wave)
    •  Columns available
      • Asset Group – Name of the asset group (e.g. Wave Name)
      • Start Goal – Start goal of the wave
      • End Goal – End goal of the wave
      • Wave Asset Type – Asset type of the assets linked to the wave
      • Mailbox Name – Name of the mailbox
      • Mailbox Type – Type of the mailbox
      • Mailbox Size – Size of the mailbox
      • Item Count – Item count of the mailbox
      • Mailbox Location – Location of the mailbox
      • Mailbox User – User of the mailbox
      • User Waves – Wave of the mailbox user
      • List Specific Columns – Columns specific to the list (data column)
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, view full screen, export to CSV or Excel, refresh the table and search for text