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T-Comm On Demand

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The T-Comm On Demand page provides the ability to send T-Comm emails without having to wait for the scheduled hourly cron job to run.  The mechanism is helpful when testing T-Comm templates.

Run T-Comm On Demand

From the T-Comm On Demand page, you can send T-Comm emails.  To run:

  1. Click the Run T-Comm On Demand button
    1. The T-Comm on demand function is only available to users in the Administrator security group
  2. The results of the import will be displayed in the results window

NOTE:  Be extremely careful when running T-Comm on demand.  Emails with matching T-Days and T-Hours will be sent on execution.  The emails cannot be recalled.  Disable T-Comm templates during testing to avoid the accidental sending of emails.