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Test T-Comm Template

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From the T-Comm Templates page, you can test T-Comm templates.  To test:

  1. Select a T-Comm template (row) to test
  2. Click the Test T-Comm Template button on the toolbar to bring up the Test T-Comm Template dialog

    1. The test button is grayed out unless a T-Comm template (row) is selected

    2. The test function is only available to users in the Administrator and Regular User security groups
  3. Click the Add Assets button to add one or more assets and enter the properties to test the T-Comm template with

    1. Asset Type Filter – Select an asset type to filter the Link Assets drop down
      1. Once an asset type is selected the Link Assets button will become available (ungrayed).
    2. Link Assets – Select assets from the drop down to link to the T-Comm template
    3. Add Assets – Add new rows for additional assets
    4. Override Recipient – Enter email address to override recipient of the T-Comm template (optional)
  4. Click the Send T-Comm button when finished to send the T-Comm template to the selected assets. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.

NOTE: Emails are sent to the email address in the Email field on the selected assets or the linked User assets. If no email address is found, no email is sent. Emails entered in the Override Recipient field supersede any email addresses on the selected assets or linked User assets.