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Form Builder

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The Form Builder page provides the ability to manage forms. Forms (e.g., New Computer, Edit Computer) can be added to Report Builder reports to create or update assets.

Available operations:

  • Create new forms by clicking on the New Form button
  • Install new forms by clicking on the Install Form button
  • View a list of forms in ReadyWorks
    • Columns available
      • Id (hidden by default) – System Id of the form
      • Name – Name of the form
      • Description – Description of the form
      • Data Source – Data source of the form (e.g., Computer asset type)
      • Form Type – Type of the form (New Record, Update Record)
      • Status – Status of the form (Enabled, Disabled)
      • Date Created – Date the form was created
      • Fields – Number of fields on the form
  • View or edit a form by clicking the hyperlink of the Name field
  • Copy forms by selecting a form (row) and clicking the Copy Form button on the toolbar
  • Download a form source ZIP by selecting a form (row) and clicking the Download Form button on the toolbar
  • Delete form by selecting a form (row) and clicking the Delete Form button on the toolbar
  • You can also change the number of visible rows in the table, set column visibility, refresh the table and search for text

NOTE: The Form Builder module is only available to users in the Administrator security group.