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Bulk Edit

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The Bulk Edit settings page provides the ability to view and configure bulk edit settings.

Available operations:

  • View and update bulk edit settings
    • Fields available
      • Maximum Cells – Enter the maximum number of cells allowed for bulk editing. If the cell count is over the maximum cell count, you will receive a warning to use Column Visibility to hide columns and reduce the cell count.
      • Single Lookup Dropdown Type – Select dropdown type of single lookups
        • mSelect
          NOTE: The Single Lookup On-Demand Threshold and Use mSelect Dropdowns settings do not apply to an mSelect dropdown.

          • Fill down dropdown menu
          • Field dropdown menu
        • Native Select (default)
          • Fill down dropdown menu
          • Field dropdown menu
      • Single Lookup On-Demand Threshold – Enter threshold for the number of cells before single lookups are populated on-demand when you click on the dropdown. Enter 0 to always populate single lookups on-demand. The default setting is 300.
      • Use mSelect Dropdowns – Choose if mSelect dropdowns are used when opening single lookup dropdowns. The mSelect dropdown allows you to search for you selection easier.
        • Single lookup dropdowns will load as Native Select
          • Fill down dropdown menu
          • Field dropdown menu
        • Single lookup dropdowns will change to an mSelect when clicked
          • Fill down dropdown menu
          • Field dropdown menu
      • Validate Bulk Edit before Save – Choose if bulk edit validates before savings
      • Collapse Navigation on Bulk Edit – Choose if the navigation menu is collapsed when opening the bulk editor. This setting only applies for the Inline bulk editor.
      • Reset Bulk Edit settings to default – Reset bulk edit settings to the default values

Update Bulk Edit Settings

From the Bulk Edit setting page, you can update the bulk edit settings. To update:

  1. Enter or select a value for each bulk edit setting
  2. Click the Update button to save your bulk edit settings