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Edit Dashboard

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From the Dashboards tab, you can edit dashboards. To edit:

  1. Select a dashboard (row) to edit
  2. Click the Edit Dashboard button on the toolbar

    1. The edit button is grayed out unless a dashboard (row) is selected

    2. The edit function is only available to users in the Administrator security group
  3. Edit the properties of the dashboard

    1. Name – Name of the dashboard (required)
    2. Icon – Icon of the dashboard (required)
    3. Description – Description of the dashboard (optional)
    4. Users – Assign the dashboard to ReadyWorks users (required)
    5. Functional Groups – Assign the dashboard to ReadyWorks functional groups (optional)
    6. Widgets – Select the widgets to show on the dashboard (optional)
      1. Drag and drop to reorder widgets
    7. Charts – Select the charts to show on the dashboard (optional)
      1. Drag and drop to reorder charts
    8. Show on Nav Menu – Choose whether to display the dashboard on the Navigation Menu (optional)
    9. Allow Editing – Choose whether to allow ReadyWorks users to edit the settings of  (or delete) charts on a dashboard (optional)
    10. Enabled – Choose whether the dashboard is enabled and available for assigned ReadyWorks users (optional)
  4. Click the Update button to save your changes. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.