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New Outbound Job

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From the Outbound Jobs tab, you can create new outbound jobs.  To create:

  1. Click the New Outbound Job button to bring up the New Outbound Job dialog
  2. Enter the properties of the new outbound job (available job fields differ by connector)

    1. Populate Job Record – Choose how to populate the job (required)
      1. Clear Job Record – Start with an empty record
      2. Use Template – Start with a template job
      3. Clone Job – Start with a clone from an existing job
    2. Job Description – Description of the job (required)
    3. Enabled – Choose if the job is enabled (required)
    4. Log Raw API Calls – Choose if raw API calls are logged (required)
    5. Method Type – Method type of the job (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) (optional)
    6. Data Sending Method – Data sending method of the job (JSON Encoded Data, Form Data) (required)
    7. API End Point – API end point of the job (optional)
    8. API Query Parameters – API query parameters of the job (optional)
      1. Enter Label and Value for each API query parameter
      2. Click the Add API Query Parameters Field button to add API query parameters
      3. Click the Delete button to delete API query parameters
    9. Return Data Fields List – Return data fields of the job (required)
      1. Enter Label and Data Object pair for each return data field
      2. Click the Add Return Data Fields List Field button to add return data fields
      3. Click the Delete button to delete return data fields
    10. Outbound Fields List – Outbound fields of the job (required)
      1. Enter Label and Name and select Type (String, Numeric, Boolean) for each outbound field (required)
      2. Check Required if the outbound field is required (required)
      3. Check URI if the outbound field is passed through the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) rather than the data packet (optional)
      4. Enter Pattern for each outbound field (optional)
      5. Click the Add Outbound Fields List Field button to add outbound fields
      6. Click the Delete button to delete outbound fields
    11. Ignore Empty Outbound Fields – Choose if empty outbound fields are ignored (optional)
    12. Order – Choose the order the job will run at the designated frequency (required)
  3. Click the Create button when finished to create the outbound job. You will be redirected back to the Outbound Jobs tab. Click the Close button to cancel the operation.
    NOTE:  New jobs assume the status of the Outbound Job Templates or clone they are instantiated from.

    1. The new outbound job function is only available to users in the Administrator security group