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Connector Properties

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The Connector Properties tab provides the ability to view and update the properties of connectors.

Available operations:

  • View and update the properties of the connectors
    • Fields available
      • Image Preview – Image to display in the Connector Library (optional)
        1. Click the Change Image hyperlink and browse for an image to upload

        2. Click the Update button to upload the image. Click the Clear Selected File hyperlink to clear the file and browse for a new image.  Click the Cancel Changes hyperlink to cancel the operation.
      • Identifier – Identifier of the connector (read only)
      • Name – Name of the connector (required)
      • Description – Description of the connector (optional)
      • Help URL – Help URL of the connector (optional)
      • Order – Order the connector is displayed in the Connector Library (optional)
      • Enabled – Whether the connector is enabled (required)
    • The view and update functions are only available to users in the Administrator security group
  • Click the Update button to save any changes to the properties
  • Click the Close button to exit the wizard